EY, who used to be known as Ernst & Young, asked us to design and develop the content, scheduling, identity and delivery of a 20 metre-wide by 3 metre-high video wall, the largest in Europe. No-one had done this before. So, five kick-ass PCs later, two extremely expensive bits of video mixing kit, a few kilometres of cabling and quite a lot of hard work, we come up with this. We worked on it for two years, but handed over the baton to keep the content fresh a few years ago. It’s still lovely though.

And, as an off-shoot of developing this, we designed a lenticular invitation for their sponsorship of the British Design 1948-2012 exhibition at the V&A.

Strategy and lead design : Ricky Oh
Senior designer : Matt Dent
Support designer : Philip Mawer

EY028-01.jpg EY028-04.jpg EY028-10.jpg EY028-13.jpg